Ytre Hvaler nasjonalpark Cultural Heritage

  • Photo: Haakon Braathu Haaverstad

  • Photo: Haakon Braathu Haaverstad

  • Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Photo: Haakon Braathu Haaverstad

  • Photo: Curt Jacobsen

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About Ytre Hvaler nasjonalpark

Ytre Hvaler National Park is located on the coast in Østfold, east of Oslo and is made up of many islands. The park was created on June 26, 2009 to "preserve a distinctive, large and relatively unspoiled natural area on the coast in southeastern Norway.” The four former seabird conservatories Akerøya, Heia, Møren and Søndre Søster are included in the national park with their own visitation rules. The National Park has major conservation values related to flora and fauna, coastal coniferous forests and moorland, beaches and other habitats along the coast.

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