Struten Lighthouse Accommodation

A lighthouse in the midst of the ocean

  • Photo: Kyrre

  • Kveldskos i fyrtårnet

    Kveldskos i fyrtårnet Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Badestrand på Struten

    Badestrand på Struten Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Fyrtårnet på Struten

    Fyrtårnet på Struten Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

Essential info

About Struten Lighthouse

Stay at Struten Lighthouse and experience life at sea. The lighthouse opened in 1907 and was manually operated until 1985 when it became automated. The lighthouse now serves as a visitor's house and gives everyone a chance to experience the exciting life of a lighthouse.

Getting there

You can book boat transport to the island by calling Skjalg Sørensen(Gamle Struten Fyr) on +47 99 71 93. Depending on the number of people the transport will cost between 2500 and 4500 NOK. Make sure you book this transport well in advance. 


More information about the lighthouse and how to book it can be found through Oslofjordens Friluftsråd


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