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  • Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • The little white house by the shore

    The little white house by the shore Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Summer

    Summer Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

Essential info

About Lauer

Just a 10-minute ferry ride from Skjærhalden, you arrive at the port on Lauer. The former fishing community it is now a popular summer holiday island in the Hvaler archipelago. The old picturesque cabins, which were used years ago by the fishermen, are now being taken care of by visitors enjoying their summer holiday on the Norwegian coast. The summer season is the popular time to visit or stay overnight on Lauer.

The small cabin, owned and rented out by the Oslofjordens Friluftsrådopen, is very centrally located at Lauer’s harbor and you can stay here during the warmer season between April and October.

The landscape of Lauer is open with small hills and rock formations and you are able to wander around and explore life by the sea. The main village is located on the northside of Lauer and Søndre Lauer, located on the southwestern side of Lauer, is separated from Nordre by a 30-meter wide straight. Søndre Lauer does not have any buildings and is a part of the Ytre Hvaler National Park. You can read more about the plants and animals on Lauer on their website.

Experience the Norwegian island life on Lauer.

Getting there

If you are arriving by car, you can pay to park in Skjærhalden by the Town Hall.

There is a ferry from the pier at Skjærhalden which departs three times a day traveling to Lauer. The port on Lauer is the first stop. See Hollungen AS for timetables and booking. You have to order ticket at least 1 hour before departure.


The cabin on Lauer can be rented from April 7th to October 31st. The ferry travels to the island all year round. Book the cabin, Kysledhytta, on Lauer: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd


  • Drinking water must be brought to the island (you bottles can be filled at the Kiwi grocery store opposite of the town hall in Skjærhalden or in the harbor)
  • The nearest grocery store is in Skjærhalden
  • There is no public toilet on the island
  • The rental cabin has 4 beds, kitchen facilities, and a toilet
  • The cabin has a rowboat


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