Finnetunet/Norsk Skogfinsk museum

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In Svullrya you can visit the open air museum Finnetunet. It consists of buildings and objects showing architectural, farm environment and living conditions in the 1900s. Buildings have been moved to the museum and rebuilt there to create a unified yard. During the summer several events are held here.

Finnetunet is part of Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Norway, located in an old school building in Svullrya. This is the Norwegian center for materials and research on forest finn culture. The museum has 50,000 books, 250,000 photographs, 30,000 artifacts, 800 hours of recorded material, 500 private archives and 160-170 buildings, spread over several localities. The nearby home of author Asta Holth, also open to the public, is part of the collections.

The museum is open one evening a week, and after appointments.

Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr

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