Hiking 7 - 9 h 13.1 km

Besseggen has a special status among Norwegians. It sure is great here with the deep blue Bessvatn to the right and the emerald Gjende below to the left. Rarely will you see something more beautiful. You’ll see a plethora of great peaks that rise up above the landscape in all directions. And many have discovered the gem. Maybe the "brand-building" started with Henrik Ibsen and Peer Gynt's ride along the ridge?

The hike is not flat. It rises steeply the first hour. It is perhaps most beautiful to start from Gjedesheim and go down on the ridge. Some scrambling is necessary, but it's a safe route that anyone can do if you take it easy. On the way westward you have a wonderful view in front of you the whole trip. In addition, you are completely independent from the morning boat ride and avoid long lines to secure your seat onboard. Book accommodation in Memurubu.

The next day you can walk along Gjende back to Gjendesheim. It's a surprisingly nice and lush trip. An easy walk, but varied and plenty to see and experience. In the steep hillsides along Gjende thousands of pyramidal saxifrage grow in late summer. The plant is a distinctive Norwegian plant and does not commonly occur elsewhere in Europe. You spend 3-4 hours on the walk along the water to Gjendesheim.

Alternate route
A very good alternative day two is to continue westward to Gjendebu and walk Bukkelægret. The ascent from Memurubu is especially nice, and up on the ridge you have wonderful view over Surtningssue. Many will probably experience the descent via Bukkelægret as fresher than over Besseggen, but you can avoid Bukkelægret by keeping your elevation until Stordalen. Gjendebu is a gem. This section you will meet fewer people than on Besseggen and the hike is a bit shorter. Boat back from Gjendebu to Memurubu.

Gjendesheim cabin is easily accessible at the start of the trip. Booking: or 612 38 910

Thor Østbye
Dag Nordsveen
Kari Sveen
Dag Nordsveen

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