Summits 4 - 6 h 10.2 km

On Fannaråken you spend the night in Norway's highest tourist lodge, 2068 meters above sea level. You can see 2000 meters down to Lustrafjord - an arm of the Sognefjord. You have Norway's toughest mountain ridge right in front of you in the south, Skagastølstind and Styggedalstinder. You have the sun until 11PM in the summer. You get fresh bread for breakfast. And there are many beautiful routes up here. The recommendation is to go up the glacier from Sognefjellhytta and down to Turtagrø the day after. You register for the glacier trip via Sognefjellhytta (
Magnus Snøtun
Magnus Snøtun
Magnus Snøtun
Dag Nordsveen

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4 - 6 h

10.5 km


2 - 3 h

2.2 km