Ramshøpiken Mountain Biking

Revel in real highland biking and a beautiful landscape

  • Ramshøpiken byr på ekte høyfjellssykling i vakre omgivelser.

    Ramshøpiken byr på ekte høyfjellssykling i vakre omgivelser. Photo: Terje Aamodt

  • Fokus på stien, Ramhøpiken i bakgrunnen.

    Fokus på stien, Ramhøpiken i bakgrunnen. Photo: Terje Aamodt

  • Sykling er en ting, det sosiale er også viktig.

    Sykling er en ting, det sosiale er også viktig. Photo: Terje Aamodt

  • Leken er i gang - med flott utsikt over Hevertjønna.

    Leken er i gang - med flott utsikt over Hevertjønna. Photo: Terje Aamodt

Essential info

  • Destination: Oppdal
  • Season: April-November
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 11.6 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 480 meters
  • Duration: 3-4 hours

About Ramshøpiken

The trip to Ramshøpiken, northwest of Oppdal, covers varied terrain and provides amazing views. The peak is 1,174 metres above sea level.

Getting there

The trail starts at Heverfallssætra, at the halfway point of the marked trail in the map. From Oppdal, head northeast on the E6 highway. After 22.5 km, turn left onto road 502 at the sign to Skjephaug. After about 2.5 km, turn left on to Gamle Kongevegen road. Continue for 400 metres and turn right onto Nysæterdalsvegen. Follow this road for about 3.7 km to the parking lot at Heverfallsætra.

Trail description

From the parking lot at Heverfallssætra, head southwest over the field. Cross the wooden logs over the Hevra river. The trail starts here, follow it to the south. After about 100 metres where the path splits, continue to the right at about the same elevation over a marsh. The path will become more visible and turns at an angle up the hillside. 1.5 km from the start you’ll be at Kvitfjellet, a small peak before Grønhøa.

The stunning views start to open up here here and you’ll catch glimpses of Ramshøpiken. Cross the marsh behind the field on the narrow wooden planks and continue up the hill and in the direction of Grønhøa. About 150 metres after the marsh you’ll find a new path, which goes to the right and eventually flattens out. Continue on this path until you reach Vakkerknappen, a small peak marked with four cairns. At this point you are 1.2 km from Kvitfjellet, and this is a great place to relax a bit.

Continue biking down the gravel hill on the north side of the peak and follow an uneven trail that goes along a small mountain ridge. It will gradually lead down towards Hevertjønna. The distance from Vakkerknappen to the pond is 1.3 km. Cross a stream, push your bike up a challenging spot and continue on a breezy and clear path to the left of the pond. Follow the path until it fades out after about 1 km.

Continue a few hundred metres on an unmarked path to the foot of Ramshøpiken. Head toward to the marked ridge, but keep your elevation up towards the left side of a small valley before switching toward the right. Push your bike up the marked ridge, which forms roughly a straight line from the top and down towards the pond. After passing a valley on the ridge keep a bit to the left after what appears to be the most natural biking path. Every now and then the path won’t be totally obvious.

From the foot of the mountain to the highest cairn is a bit more than 1 km. Take a well-earned break along the hill at the top. Enjoy the ride down again toward Hevertjønna and follow the path back toward Heverfallsætra the same way you came.

If you don’t feel finished just yet, follow the trail in the map which continues along the creek to the east.

These trails are shared with hikers and runners and it’s the responsibility of bikers to slow down for others. If you want more chance of being on an undisturbed trail head out early in the morning.


  • Parking (paid)

Where to stay

Oppdal has a range of accommodation options available, including cabins, hotels, and Airbnbs.


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