Pilgrimsleden Sløvika - Høgkorset Hiking

  • Photo: Kari Møyner

  • Photo: Kari Møyner

  • Photo: Kari Møyner

  • Photo: Jan Feste

  • Photo: Kari Møyner

Essential Info

  • Destination Hadeland
  • Season January–November
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 33.5 kilometers
  • Elevation 990 meters
  • Duration hours

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About Pilgrimsleden Sløvika - Høgkorset

The ‘Pilgrimsleden’ pilgrim path to Trondheim is a network of historic roads through beautiful nature. The path goes from Oslo through Nordmarka to Bønsnes and further to Jevnaker and Hadeland. Pilegrimsleden is marked all the way to Trondheim. The path end is at St. Olav's tomb church, Nidaros Cathedral, which was the northernmost pilgrim destination in Europe throughout the Middle Ages.

1. Jevnaker - Granavollen about 20 km. Pilgrimsleden goes through Sløvika up towards Gamme and further to Granavollen where you will find the pilgrim center, Søsterkirkene, Granavolden Inn and more. This is an easy hike with nice views of Randsfjorden and a beautiful, lush culture landscape.

2. Granavollen - Høgkorset about 20 km. Pilegrimsleden follows Bergenske Hovedveg/Kongsvegen, which is the old main road from Oslo to Bergen. The walk goes on an old trail in beautiful landscape with grazing animals, old farms and along several cemeteries/burial mounds up to St. Petri (Old Tingelstad church) and Hadeland Folk Museum. The path continues down to Brandbu, and follows Kjølvegen up to Høgkorset. From Høgkorset the path goes on towards Lena in Toten.

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Pilgrimsleden Sløvika - Høgkorset Map