Traneskrik på Øynadn

Birds 2 - 2.5 h 2.5 km

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Øynadn is a natural gem in Vang with a rich birdlife. The conservation area is located south of Vang bordering Vestre Slidre and Hemsedal. This is a typical river landscape with ponds, fast and quiet rivers, shallow lakes, streams, gravel islands, marshes, swamps and mudflats. A large part of the area are medium nourishing marshes, rich willow scrub and medium rich to rich mountain birch forest. There is also extremely rich and poor vegetation.

The variation in nature types and good access to nutrients provides high diversity and density of many species of birds and plants. For birds, the area has the greatest value for nesting wading birds, as migration area in spring and autumn, and food searching area for species that nest nearby. In total 102 species have been observed here. If you are lucky you can both see and hear the big Crane.

Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye

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