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Uri nature reserve is located at Leine, on the north side of Vangsmjøsa, 485-685 meters above sea level. The goal of the preservation is to take care of a relatively little influenced coniferous ​​forest area and vegetation types that are rare in this region.

In the reserve you will find pure pine forests, deciduous forests, meadows, and scree/talus (Kvitura). The soil that contains a lot of weathered phyllite offers a very dry forest floor. The pine forest is exposed to the sun on a prominent southwest facing ridge. The forest does not grow too tall and is relatively open. In several places there are traces of forest fires. Although the trees only reach about 13 to 15 meters high, many are rough and the age of some is up to 300 years. Below the pine forest there are a few less meadows with rare plants such as northern dragon head. On the hillside west of the pine forest there is lush deciduous forest that covers close to half of the reserve. Here coarse, widestemmed aspen and birch grow with hints of hackberry and alder. Here you will find perennials who demand a lot of nourishment as well as herbs.

Some wood harvesting has been done in the area and on a smaller cutting area in the east after a forest fire in May 1982.

Getting there: Leave the E16 at Hemsing bridge on the east end of Vangsmjøsa and drive fv 293 to Vennis. When you pass Leineåne, it is about 1 km until you get to Uri nature reserve on the right hand side. Here at the road the reserve is approximately 0.8 km wide.

Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye

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