Milesteinsvegen Cycling

  • Hugaviken, Vang

    Hugaviken, Vang Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Lome, Vestre Slidre

    Lome, Vestre Slidre Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Brustogobekken, Leira (Nord-Aurdal)

    Brustogobekken, Leira (Nord-Aurdal) Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Fløgstrondfjorden, Tyinkrysset

    Fløgstrondfjorden, Tyinkrysset Photo: Dag Nordsveen

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: April-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 150 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 1,620 meters
  • Duration: 1-14 hours

About Milesteinsvegen

Have you ever wondered why Fv 33 and E16 between Land and Filefjell has iron signs showing the distance to Odnes? Maybe a bike ride from sign to sign is tempting on a good summersday? No need to take the whole stretch in one  gulp. Below is an overview of where the signs are.

Mile stones with iron plates between Odnes and Filefjell were originally set up to view the distance for those who delivered the mail by horse. It was namely so that mail to Valdres came by boat across Randsfjorden to Odnes, and was transported from there by horse upward Valdres. Mail transport took place in this way from 1869 until 1907, when Valdresbanen was assigned to take the mail to Fagernes by rail. Postvegen went through Nordsinni, over Tonsåsen through Aurdal, Vestre Slidre and Vang, before the mountain pass Filefjell.

There were two sorts of signs with cast iron plates. Every 10 kilometers a sign was placed with the coat of arms, post horn and the inscription "---- kilometers from Odnæs". For each intermediate five kilometers only a "5 km" with coat of arms and postal Horn was placed.

Here're the preserved milestones:

1. "5 kilometers" from Odnes, stood at Brurud, Nordre Land, now at Lands Museum in Dokka.

2. "10 km from Odnæs", standing at Kolterud north of Dokka, Nordre Land.

3. "20 km from Odnæs", standing at Leppdalen, Nordre Land.

4. "40 km from Odnæs" stands by Os on Tonsåsen, Etnedal.

5. "50 kilometers from Odnæs", Kristianlund, Aurdal, Nord-Aurdal.

6. "5 km", actually 55 km from Odnes, Onstadmarken, North Aurdal. Now at the Valdres Folk Museum.

7. "60 kilometers from Odnæs" Brustogobekken, Leira, Nord-Aurdal.

8. "5 km", actually 65 kilometers from Odnes, stood south of Fagernes, now at the parking lot of the Valdres Folk Museum.

9. "5 km", actually 75 km from Odnes, standing at Stavenjord, Ulnes, Nord-Aurdal.

10. "5 km", actually 85 km from Odnes, standing at Handsletta, Vestre Slidre.

11. "5 km", actually 95 km from Odnes, standing at Lome, Vestre Slidre.

12. "100 kilometers of Odnæs", standing at Skeiemoen, Ryfoss, Vang.

13. "5 km", actually 105 kilometers from Odnes, standing at Tveitabrue, Vang.

14. "110 kilometers of Odnæs", standing at Hugaviken, Vang.

15. "5 km", actually 115 kilometers from Odnes, standing by Synshagen, Vang.

16. "120 km from Odnæs", standing at Bergsreino, Mjøsvang, Vang.

17. "130 km from Odnæs", standing at Kjerstein, Eye, Vang.

18. "5 km", actually 135 kilometers from Odnes, standing at Skogstad, Eye, Vang.

19. "140 km from Odnæs", standing at Fløgstrønden, Vang.

20. "5 km", actually 145 kilometers from Odnes just wall foot standing by the old road along Otrøvatnet, Vang.

There have been 30 such milestones between Dokka and Filefjell. 20 of them are preserved. This collection of milestones on a stretch of 15 mil is unique nationally.


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