Cycling 2 - 4 h 17.9 km

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The footpath and cycle path extending from Fagernes to Bjørgo. This is the old jernbanetrassèn. There are several start / parking facilities. On Fagernes is parking in the park, follow the E16 to Fagernes center and follow signs to the park. At Leira follow the E16 past Leira Storsenter towards Oslo, parking at the old train station Leira (a yellow building at the first intersection after the center). In Aurdal follow the E16 to Aurdal church, turn left and park outside kirken.Veien go to Bjørgo station 18.6 km from Fagernes and end up 508 meters above sea level. exhibition of trains. Munkekroen in Aurdal is a great place to take a local snack.

The walk is well signposted and suitable for everyone. There are no steep hills, a little slight incline towards Aurdal, but a nice trip and include small and large. Cycle path back to Fagernes.
This is a pleasant walk away from all traffic and with more experience stops along the way.

Kjell Arne Berntsen
Kjell Arne Berntsen

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