Ividalsrunden Cross-Country Skiing

  • Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Photo: Morten Helgesen, www.valdresibilder.no

  • Photo: Morten Helgesen, www.valdresibilder.no

Essential Info

  • Destination Valdres
  • Season January–March
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 14 kilometers
  • Elevation 380 meters
  • Duration 2–2.5 hours

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About Ividalsrunden

Trip on prepared trails in varied terrain in 900-1000 meters altitude. Go through the boom barrier. After 300m, take the road to the right. At the west end of the lake Fræningen you enter into the ski loipe. Follow the trail to the right (southeast) along Fræningen towards Ividalen (keep straight at the trail junction after approximately 500 m where the trail turns right down towards Danebu). Over Storstølshøgda you have a beautiful view of Jotunheimen behind you. Soon you will enter Ividalen and it's a gentle descent down to Ividalsvannet. In the west end of the lake there are trail crossings. Turn right here, past Kringlestølen to Steintjednet. Out on a marshland, you pass crossings to Bjørgovarden (to the left). Continue another 200 meters and take the trail to the left towards Kolsrudstølen. It is 2.3 km in hilly and pleasant terrain down to Langvassli and along a small pond to new crossings. Turn right here. Now you're on your way home. After 2.7 km (you pass by Langvassli) you reach Grånholen. Here you have the choice to turn right up towards Storstølen and the main trail to Danebu or to turn left and return to Danebu via Rudstøltjernet (roughly the same distance). Updated trail status: www.skisporet.no -> Østlandet -> Oppland -> Aurdal og Kruk Løypelag. Getting there: Follow E16 to Aurdal and turn towards Danebu (automatic boom barrier). 100 m before the exit to Danebu Kongsgård there is a large parking lot near the road. Park here.

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Ividalsrunden Map