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Skåetangen Hiking Trail

The perfect coastal hiking area with high nature and landscape values

  • Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Photo: Anne Sjømæling

Essential info

About Skåetangen

Skåetangen is located southwest in Moutmarka, a part of Færder National park on the mainland. The perfect coastal hiking area with high nature and landscape values. Reaching Skåetangen, you are rewarded with a perfect viewpoint and exciting remnants from WW II.

Getting there

From Tønsberg take country road 308 to Verdens Ende. Park your car at the visitor parking area at Grepansvingen.

Trail description

The natural starting point for Skåetangen and Moutmarka south is from the visitor parking area at Grepansvingen, just before the “Verdens Ende” on country road 308. From here the path crosses smooth rock slopes before entering Færder National Park, where a beautiful cultural landscape opens. As part of the management of the area, extensive vegetation has been cleared in recent decades, and most of Moutmarka is now grazed by the old Norwegian sheep-race “Spælsau” to avoid revegetation. The trail goes approx. 500 meters in open area towards the sea, before turning south towards Skåetangen. Her you find rock-fences on one side and rocky cliffs with trees and shrubs on the other.

You will eventually reach the shoreline, and the landscape opens up to the sea, and the trail now crosses a rocky beach before reaching an ascending slope (picture of trail towards Skånangen). Up here you will discover remnants of a large searchlight-platform from the WWII, which today has been turned into a resting spot with tables and benches. From here you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Tønsberg Fjord inlet (picture of vantage point with tables and benches). In nice weather a rest here is a must!

From Skåetangen you can choose to return the same way you arrived, but most people probably choose the “Ytterstien” further north in Moutmarka and return via the “Mellomstien” or “Innerstien”. Alternative hiking trails in Moutmarka have previously been described in Outtt.no.


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