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Helsestien Hiking Trail

Walk through Teieskogen

Essential info

About Helsestien

Helsestien (meaning: the trail of public health) is part of the Færder municipality`s commitment to improve public health. The trail is a cooperation project and the local hiking society has been a driving force in the establishment. The trail connects the “Rosanes” area by the sea with the recreational forest area “Teieskogen” further west. It passes through “Rosahaugparken” on small enjoyable paths and through the marketplace and commercial center “Teie Torv”. A significant part of the “Helsestien”- trail takes you on beautiful hiking paths in Teieskogen.

Trail description

The trails are marked, and information boards are found at the designated starting points at “Teigar” and “Rosahaugparken”. There are signs along the way, showing the trails and distance. Here, both runners and hikers can choose how far and how steep they want to run or walk.

Helsestien is seven to eight kilometers long, and alternatively starts at Teigar secondary school and takes you into Teieskogen. Here you are recommended the long route measuring 2,3 km. Teieskogen's core area in the west is a beech-forest, typical for the County of Vestfold. Here the forest's highest point stretches to 87.1 meters above sea level, with viewpoints facing “Stokke” and “Vestfjorden”. In the south of “Teieskogen” lies Teie sporting grounds, with football-fields and tracks. Along the trail, you will also find exercise equipment.

From Teieskogen you walk on residential roads down towards Teie, a quite rare example of Norwegian garden-city planning laid out in the 1920s. Descending the hill you get a good view facing eastwards. You cross the main road Kirkeveien, and reach the local commercial center Teie Torv, which still has much of its original character. Here you will also find a bust of the former Prime minister Trygve Brattelie, who came from Nøtterøy. From Teie Torv the trail takes you further down or residential roads before descending to Rosanes to a large, newly established recreation-area. Here you can try out the hiking trail along the sea, and even take a swim or play in the park and playgrounds.

As a good alternative to the starting point by Teigar, you can also start your walk at Rosanes, which also provides you with good parking facilities. From here the trail passes a marina and takes you further up through the beautiful Rosahaugparken, built in 1961 (photos 571 and 579). The park with duck ponds is established in a former clay-pit area, where the clay was used in a former brickwork nearby. After the park, you will again enter residential roads in «Teie haveby», with surroundings characterized by the prosperity the whaling industry created on the island of Nøtterøy. There are still typical and well- preserved whaler`s houses along the trail, white two-story homes built on spacious plots (picture 580). After crossing the main roads Smidsrødveien and Kirkeveien, the walk continues on the residential roads Øgårdsveien and Kolbergveien, with well-maintained houses and gardens on both sides, typical of Nøtterøy. Having reached the hilltop, follow signs and turn right by the Teie sporting grounds, and further into the “Teieskogen”, or alternatively back to Teigar secondary school if you started there.


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