Trabelifjellet Hiking Trail

View of Jotunheimen, Gudbrandsdalen, Rondane, and all of Venabygdsfjellet

  • Mot Trabelifjellet, fra Nedre Lundtjønn

    Mot Trabelifjellet, fra Nedre Lundtjønn Photo: Harald Larsen

  • Mot Grønskardstjønnet

    Mot Grønskardstjønnet Photo: Per Morten Nyeng

  • Nordover fra Trabelifjellet

    Nordover fra Trabelifjellet Photo: Per Morten Nyeng

  • Vestover fra Trabelifjellet

    Vestover fra Trabelifjellet Photo: Per Morten Nyeng

  • Innover Venabygdsfjellet

    Innover Venabygdsfjellet Photo: Per Morten Nyeng

Essential info

  • Destination: Venabygdsfjellet
  • Season: June-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 8.5 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 280 meters
  • Duration: 2.5-4.5 hours

About Trabelifjellet

There are several trails up to Trabelifjellet along Rondevegen, Trabelivegen, Nyseter and Holtesetervegen. Parking spaces can be found in the turn at the top of Rondevegen and south of the Grønnskardtjønnet.

Getting there

This walk goes along the Rondevegen up to the local road Langbakken.

You can also drive and park in the turn at the top of Rondevegen and south of the Grønnskardtjønnet, and follow the paths to the top via mobile mast.

Trail description

You start directly from Lunde shop, and follow the hike on the left side close to the top of Rondevegen, where you see the road sign for Langbakken on the right, which you then follow all the way in, and then continue on the path up to the intersection to the right of the mobile tower. 

Then continue up to Trabelitoppen(s). At the end of the trail at the top of Trabelifjellet you will find table with seating, so you can easily enjoy some food and drinks. Here you have a great view of Gudbrandsdalen, Jotunheimen, Rondane and all part of Venabygdsfjellet. 

Trabelifjellet is (1,094 meter high). You can choose to return the same route, or follow the path down to Nyseter and then follow the route to Holteseter. 

Use the trails when you walk on the mountain, as the vegetation in the area is very vulnerable. From Holteseter you continue down the path to Nedre Lundtjønn and on to Lundes.


Along the way, when you reach Holteseter, you will find a information board with historical information about the trafic across Venabygdsfjellet in the old days.

Leash for dogs is valid from 1 April to 15 October on Venabygdsfjellet

If you want a paper map for the trip, you can download it in PDF and print.

You can also buy a map with all tours at Lundes.

Where to stay

On the Venabygdsfjellet in Gudbrandsdalen you will find Lundes; a family business with a heart to deliver experiences and services tailored to each guest. We have rentals of cabins and apartments of all sizes; in the middle of what many call "Norway's most beautiful hiking terrain". You can rent cottages in Lundegrenda, or apartments in Lundegard. At Lundekroa we serve good food, and what you need in the mountains can be found in Lunde shop or at Kiwi.

There are many opportunities; and the choice is yours. Welcome to the mountains!

Also check out webcam at the top of Trabelifjellet,

Book a cabin or apartment at Lundes, centrally on Venabygdsfjellet


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