Fantesteinen Hiking Trail

Discover an old hiding place at 1,434 meters above sea level

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Essential info

About Fantesteinen

For thousands of years, cairns have been used to guide people and horses over the Sognefjellet mountain pass. However, in the old days, it was unsafe to travel, as the mountains were unreachable by the long arm of the law and tramps roamed the area. Fantestien (“the Tramp Track”) allows you to travel through history and wander in the footsteps of travelers past.

The trail runs past Fantesteinen (“the Tramp Rock”), the highest point along Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet (1,434 meters above sea level). Legend has it that vagrants used the large boulder as a hiding place. Today, the mountains aren’t considered lawless areas any longer, so rest assured that it's perfectly safe to hike the trail.

Getting there


Park your car at the parking lot by Fantesteinen, located on the left-hand side of Road 55 (Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet), when coming from Lom. Fantesteinen is located in Bøverdalen, about 10 kilometers south of Bøvervatnet Lake.

You can also park your car at Sognefjellshytta, some 350 meters further along Road 55, on the left-hand side of the road when coming from Lom.


In summer, the local route no. 200 (Lom-Sognefjellet-Sogndal) run across the Sognefjellet mountain pass. Alight from the bus at Sognefjellshytta Mountain Lodge. Buy your tickets aboard the bus or via the app Opplandstrafikk Billett

Trail description

The trail runs through smooth mountain terrain, but be prepared to cross wet and snowy sections in spring and early summer. You can choose whether you want to start the hike from Fantesteinen (“the Tramp Rock”) or Sognefjellshytta Mountain Lodge.

From the Fantesteinen rock, follow the trail running westwards. You’ll reach the pristine Fantesteinsvatnet Lake, and the trail follows the edge of the lake to Sognefjellshytta.

Cross the main road (Road 55) by Sognefjellshytta and follow the trail marked by old cairns east back towards The Tramp Rock. This is Vardestien (“the Cairn Track”), another historic mountain trail, running between Krossbu and Turtagrø. Follow Vardestien until spotting the Fantesteinen rock on the other side of the main road. 


  • The old cairns are cultural heritage. Please be careful with the cairns and don’t build new ones. 


Where to stay

Sognefjellshytta Mountain Lodge offers hotel accommodation and serves communal meals. The new, modern common room linking the two traditional buildings is worth a visit. The combination of wood and glass disperses the light through the room and imparts the changing moods of weather and light at this high altitude. The lodge is open between Easter and mid-September. 


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