Hjerkinn to Grimsdalshytta Cycling

Stage 3 of Tour de Dovre Cycle Route

  • Photo: Petter Olsen

  • Photo: Petter Olsen

  • Photo: Petter Olsen

  • Photo: Petter Olsen

  • Photo: Petter Olsen

Essential info

  • Season: May-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 58.2 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 640 meters
  • Duration: 7-9 hours

About Hjerkinn to Grimsdalshytta

The third stage of Tour de Dovre Cycle Route takes you from Hjerkinn to Grimsdalen Valley, passing through the picturesque landscape of Kvitdalen Valley. Soak up the breathtaking views of the Snøhetta Mountain Massif along the way.

Surrounded by Dovre and Rondane National Parks, Grimsdalen Valley is a highlight along the cycle route. Scattered along the hillsides are mountain farms, and in summer, you will see an abundance of grazing animals. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of wild reindeer living in the national parks.

Although this is the longest leg of the Tour de Dovre cycle route, the scenic landscape does make it worth the effort. Having finished the stretch, reward yourself with a hearty meal at Grimsdalshytta, where they offer traditional, locally sourced food and panoramic views of the valley. 

Getting there

If you go by car from Oslo, you can follow the road E6 north and it will take you about 4,5 hours to reach Hjerkinn. From Trondheim it's approximately 3 hours on the road E6 heading south. While from Bergen it takes from 8 to 9 hours depending on which road you take.

Public Transportation
You can get to Hjerkinn by train and bus.

There are several daily train connections between Oslo and Hjerkinn as well as between Trondheim and Hjerkinn. If you travel by train, double-check that the train allows bikes onboard. 

Nor-way bus drives to Hjerkinn from Trondheim and Bergen, and there is also a route between Oslo and Trondheim.

Trail description

From Hjerkin Fjellstue follow Kvitdalvegen into the Kvitdalen Valley. The road ascends 100 meters, and you quickly get excellent views of Hjerkinnsdammen Lake and Dovre Nationalpark. After 6 kilometers you will get to a gate by Søre Kvitdalsvatnet Lake. The gate keeps the grazing animals on the right side of the fence, so remember to close the gate.

Having passed the gate, look for signs showing you the way to Folldal. You cross Kvita River, which is an excellent place to swim if the weather is warm. After crossing the river, go up a small hill, and once at the top, you get views of Snøhetta. Continue onwards on the gravel road taking you down towards the main road (RV29).

As you reach the main road, take a left and continue for 1 kilometer before you take a right onto Vestsidevegen. This is a gravel road that follows the main road for 7.4 kilometers before reuniting with the main road. Once back on the main road, continue for 6 kilometers until you reach Folldal.

Head out of Folldal by following road 29 towards Ringebu. Cycle for about 8 kilometers until you reach Grimsdalsvegen on your right-hand side. This gravel road will take you all the remaining 19 kilometers to Grimsdalshytta. Throughout Grimsdalen Valley, you will most likely see grazing animals like sheep, horses, and cows. 6-7 kilometers into Grimsdalsvegen you will get great views of the Rondane Nationalpark peaks such as Høgronden, Midtronden, Rondslottet, and Digerronden.

If you are up for even better views of the surrounding area, take the detour up to Bergseng Seter. This mountain farm has seven buildings where the oldest was built in 1793. From Bergseng Seter you have 9.5 kilometers left until you get to Grimsdalshytta


  • Fill up your bottle with water from the River Grimse running through Grimsdalen Valley.
  • Grimsdalshytta is a staffed DNT lodge. Read about how to access DNT cabins in our ultimate guide. All food served at this lodge is homemade, and they strive to use as much local produce as possible. Lunch is served from 12 pm to 4 pm, and dinner is served from 7 pm to 10 pm.
  • A tip is to visit Folldal Gruver. This old mine has a train that goes 600 meters into the mountain.
  • The road through Grimsdalen is open for motorized traffic from June 5. It is possible to bike there before this time as long as there’s no snow on the road. Check the weather forecast if you wish to go earlier in the summer.


  • You will find public toilets in Folldal and at Grimsdalshytta. 
  • On the way up to Folldal Gruver, there are two convenience stores, Joker and Coop Extra, where you can buy supplies.


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