Nøsen to Flikja Hiking Trail

Stage 3 of the Stølsruta Historical Hiking Route

  • Photo: Guro Slåstad

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: July-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 10.7 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 370 meters
  • Duration: 3.5-5.5 hours

About Nøsen to Flikja

The third stage of Stølsrutat Historical Hiking Route takes you from the mountain farm settlement of Nøsen, up along the mountainsides of Noseknippa and Svenskeknippa, down to the settlement of Jaslangen and Movaten Lake. The trail then runs into a birch forest before reaching the tiny unstaffed cabin Flikja.

The stretch from Nøsen to Noseknippa has the highest elevation gain of the entire route, but the 300-meter ascent is gradual, and the trail travels through relatively smooth mountain terrain. At the highest point, enjoy the far-reaching views of the vast summer mountain farm plains. Situated by Movaten Lake and surrounded by green mountains, Jaslangen is an idyllic summer mountain farm settlement and a highlight along Stølsruta.

Getting there

From Fagernes, take Road E16 westwards and drive 8.6 kilometers. Turn off to the right onto Panoramavegen. Continue on Panoramavegen for approximately 19 kilometers, keeping to the right at crossroads. Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center will be on your right.

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Trail description

A note on the markings along the route: as the route runs through a varied landscape you’ll find different markings along the way. Look for poles with the Historical Hiking Route pictogram, signs, cairns as well as red markings on trees and stones.

From Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center, follow the main road, Panoramavegen, northwards. The road runs uphill through an open landscape, between low wooded hills. Having walked some 1.4 kilometers, follow the sign to Holtestølen, guiding you unto the graveled road to the left. When the road splits in two, take to the right unto Slettebergveien.

The road turns into a trail leading you along the mountainsides of Noseknippa and Svenskeknippa. Although this is the stretch of Stølsruta with the highest elevation gain, the ascent is gradual, and the trail is easy to follow, running through relatively smooth mountain terrain. There are some rocky slopes which may be slippery when wet. However, there’s no danger as the trail isn’t exposed. Enjoy the sweeping views as the summer mountain farm plains spread out before you.

The route continues leftwards and downhill towards the settlement of Jaslangen. The trail descends gradually, traveling through a birch forest before reaching Jaslangen. There aren’t a lot of markings here, but the path is easy to spot and follow.

Having reached Jaslangen, follow the main road, Jaslangvegen, northwards until you see markings guiding you unto the trail to the left, running downhill in the direction of Movaten Lake. When you reach the summer mountain farm road, Jarstadstølvegen, take this road to the right. Having passed Mosbekken Stream, take the trail to the left running near the water’s edge, following the signs towards Kvitehaugen.

Follow the trail as it departs from the water’s edge and into the birch forest. This part of the route isn’t well-marked, so make sure to follow the map carefully. You’ll pass some marshy regions, but planks are provided to keep your feet dry. Upon reaching the end of the forest, the trail meets a summer mountain farm road running in the direction of Movaten Lake. Follow this road towards the lake. You’ll cross Kjeslåne Stream, where you can fill your water bottle. The no-service cabin Flikja is on your right.


  • This is the third of five stages of Stølsruta Historical Route. You can choose to hike the entire route or hike individual stages separately.
  • Remember to wear waterproof footwear as sections of the trail can be wet.
  • Bring water as you won’t find decent drinking water until you reach Mosbekken Stream at Jaslangen.
  • Bring a towel and a swimsuit to enjoy a refreshing dip in Movaten Lake.
  • A tip is to plan this hike in July during the folk music festival Hilme-stemnet when there’s an annual outdoor sunset concert at Jaslangen.  


  • There’s an outside toilet available for hikers to use at the parking lot on the opposite side of the road of Flikja. 

Where to stay

Once belonging to a milkman, Flikja now serves as an unstaffed cabin where hikers can spend the night. Book in advance. The cabin has 4 beds, but no water or electricity.

Remember to bring sheets, or a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag liner. There’s a gas stove for cooking. Water can be fetched at the nearby Kjeslåne Stream and there’s an outside toilet at the opposite side of the road from the cabin.

A boat is available for users of the cabin, however, you’ll need a license to fish in Movaten Lake.


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