Tyrisholt to Nøsen Hiking Trail

Stage 2 of the Stølsruta Historical Hiking Route

  • Photo: Guro Slåstad

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: July-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 11.6 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 160 meters
  • Duration: 3-5 hours

About Tyrisholt to Nøsen

The second stage of Stølsruta Historical Hiking Route continues from one mountain farm settlement to the next, taking you westwards from Tyrisholt over the hills of Revulen, and down towards Flyi before reaching Nøsen. From the Revulstoppen viewpoint, magnificent vistas of Hemsedal and Flyvatnet Lake open up before you. Running in soft mountain terrain and accompanied by lake views, the stretch from Revulstoppen to Nøsen is a highlight.

With no significant elevation changes, this is an easy-going stretch of the route. However, the trail runs through sections that can become muddy when wet and you do need to cross several streams, including Reina River. At high water levels, avoid the rivers by following Panoramavegen from Flyi to Nøsen.   

Getting there

From Fagernes, take Road E16 westwards and drive 8.6 kilometers. Turn off to the right onto Panoramavegen. Continue on Panoramavegen for 9.9 before turning left onto Valtjednvegen, following the signs towards Gomobu. Continue on Valtjednvegen for 14.5 kilometers until you reach the unstaffed cabin Tyrisholt on your right.

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Trail description

A note on the markings along the route: as the route runs through a varied landscape you’ll find different markings along the way. Look for poles with the Historical Hiking Route pictogram, signs, cairns as well as red markings on trees and stones.

From Tyrisholt, the route continues southwards along the summer mountain farm road. Take the first road to the right, leading towards Langelie. Continue on this road until you see markings guiding you onto the summer mountain farm road to the right. Follow the road as it travels gradually uphill among birch trees.

As you pass a cabin, the road changes into a forest trail. This stretch isn’t well-marked, but the trail is easy to spot in the terrain. The trail leads you through the forest and onto a new summer mountain farm road, where you take to the left. Follow the road as it runs through an open landscape, ascending gradually towards the settlement of Revulen. Keep to the right at the crossroads.

Having reached the top of the hill at Revulen, continue on the trail traveling straight ahead towards Revultoppen viewpoint. Take a break and enjoy the sweeping views of Tisleifjord Lake in the south, the mountains of Hemsedal and Flyvatnet Lake in the northwest, and the mountains of Jotunheimen in the far north.

From Revultoppen, the route continues towards the settlement of Flyi. Follow the ski trail descending towards Flyvatnet Lake until you reach the old road running from Flyi to Revulen. Take in the vista of the magnificent Grindane Mountain in Vang opening up before you, while the trail leads you through the soft mountain terrain down to Flyi. Cross the summer mountain farm road and continue on the trail as it descends further down towards the lake. Running between old rail fences, this is an idyllic stretch of the route.

Take the first road to the right and follow the markings as they you onto a new trail.

The trail crosses Flyinvegen and continues northwestwards, offering great views of Flyinvatnet Lake. You’ll cross several streams on this stretch, including Reina River. There are large rocks and planks to help you pass the river. Fill up your water before hiking the final stretch to Nøsen.

The trail continues to the left. When the trail splits, follow the markings to the right. Cross the summer mountain farm road (Panoramavegen) and continue on the trail leading into the birch forest to the right. The terrain here is a bit uneven, traveling partly through marshlands. Follow the path until you reach a tractor road, going rightwards up to Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center.

Note: There isn’t a proper bridge over Reina River yet. At high water levels, follow Flyinvegen down to Panoramavegen instead of continuing northwestwards on the trail. Either follow Panoramavegen until you reach Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center, or get back onto the path where it crosses Panoramavegen.


  • This is the second of five stages of Stølsruta Historical Route. You can choose to hike the entire route or hike individual stages separately.
  • Wearing waterproof footwear is a good idea as you’ll have to cross several streams and rivers. A walking stick might also come in handy when crossing the rivers.
  • Bring water as there isn’t a decent water source until you reach Reina River.
  • Bring a towel and a swimsuit if you wish to take a dip in Storfjorden Lake.

Where to stay

Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center offers accommodation as well as yoga sessions, workshops, and courses. Inspired by Ayurveda, they serve vegetarian meals. It’s possible to camp on their premises and use the facilities for a charge. Members of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) are given discounts when staying at the retreat center.

It's also possible to camp by Stofjorden Lake at Haugvørpet, where you'll find rest stops, berths and outside toilets. To reach the rest stops, follow the path running below Nøsen Yoga Retreat Center down to the lake.

If you have a car or bike, get a taste of the summer mountain farm life by staying the night at the self-serviced cabin at Oppheimstølen. In summer, there are grazing calves and, if you wish, you can help attend to the animals. Book in advance by calling +47 918 63 886. 


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