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Nature Experience Chair 'Fish' Hiking Trail

Art in nature

  • Erfaringsstol Fisk ved Lomsdalselva i Søndre Land 
The nature experience chair 'fish' next to the River Lomsdalselva in Søndre Land

    Erfaringsstol Fisk ved Lomsdalselva i Søndre Land The nature experience chair 'fish' next to the River Lomsdalselva in Søndre Land Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential info

  • Season: January-December
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 0 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 0 meters
  • Duration: 0.5-1 hours

About Nature Experience Chair 'Fish'

The nature experience chair ‘Fish’ can be found along the Lomsdalselva river in Søndre Land and was created by Lars and Ingela Agger. This river has a population of freshwater pearl mussels.

We wish to invite people to come and visit the diverse and species-rich nature that exists along Land’s and Etnedal’s watercourses with our exhibition ‘Nature Experience Chairs in the Dokka Delta Ecosystem’. The nature experience chairs can be found in diverse ‘nature spaces’ from Synnfjell in the north to Randsfjorden in the south. Art installations can act as trip destinations to encourage people to spend more time outdoors and develop a different perspective of nature. The diverse nature spaces tell a story of the landscape through the seasons and the relationships that exist between people and nature. We welcome the rain and the wind, the smell of mires and blossom, bubbling becks and ephemeral views, ancient creatures and the flapping of wings.

Are in nature can be used to encourage people away from vulnerable conservation areas to designated ‘nature spaces’, offering the same experience without damaging the balance of nature.

Take a walk to the artwork, enjoy being surrounded by nature.

There are 13 different nature experience chairs to be found placed in different environments in Etnedal, Nordre Land and Søndre Land:



Soaring Feeling

• Bird's Nest






• Tricky



Huginn and Muninn

More information here: https://www.dokkadeltaet.no/en/living-wetland/erfaringsstoler

Getting there

Follow fv33 from Dokka towards Gjøvik and take the exit towards Hov (fv34). Take the exit towards Fluberg Bridge and cross the bridge. Follow rv245 south past Ringelia and take the exit on the right onto Lomsdalsvegen (approximately 6km after Ringelia). Follow Lomsdalsvegen for approximately 2.5km. Lomsdalsvegen is a gravel road with a toll barrier and is most suitable for cycles. 

Trail description

The nature experience chair ‘Fish’ is easy to find beside the river. 

Where to stay

Close to Dokka centre you will find accommodation at Dokka Camping, Dokka motel and Ankalterud Gård. Further away from Dokka you will find accommodation at Haugtun (Aust-Torpa), Ullsaker Øvre Gjestegård (Vest-Torpa), Etna Familiecamping (Etnedal), Lyngstrand Camping og Totenåsen Sportell. There is also the possibility to stay at Spåtind Sport Hotel in Synnfjellet. Here you will find apartments and rooms, a café, and a restaurant and bar.


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