Slettefjellet - Kubakkstølen

Hiking 2 - 3 h 14.3 km

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This is a nice family outing that goes in easy terrain. From the car park you go southeast, past the cairn on Tjednhaug (1316 meters above sea level). By a rock edge, approximately 50 m west of the cairn, you will find the remains of a stone cottage. This cottage has been named Arnfinn cabin, and it is said that it was the bandit Arnfinn i Bakka who spent his nights there when he was on his expeditions in the mountains. Continuing on you follow the prepared trail over the peaks southeast. After almost 4 kilometers of hiking, you cross the path Øydgardsstølen - Kjøsaraudalen. In the crossing of the path there is a sign that shows the paths in all relevant directions. Continuing on there is a nice trail in a slightly rising terrain, about 1.5 km to the next crossing (Høre-Stølsbakke). There are signs here as well. The continuing trip will be about ½ h and still goes in slightly rising terrain to Kubakkstølen. This is a great trip with views in all directions. There is abundant bird life here with many special mountain birds such as for example dunlin, bluethroat, ring ouzel, lapland longspur, rock ptarmigan, grouse and golden plover. Where the rock phyllite is sticking up through the moraine ground, the vegetation si rich.

Thor Østbye
Thor Østbye
Dag Nordsveen
Dag Nordsveen

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