Skørsnøse på ski

Skiing 2 - 4 h 2.7 km

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The summit is one of the most used by local people that use Randonee skis because it is fast to reach, and usually has great snow for the descent. Besides, it is always nice to come up and see the view.

The GPS track on the map shows you the way. You pass the steepest sections at the bottom of the mountain before entering into Bjørdal and get a big white flank on the left hand. You can safely go straight to the top of Skørsnøse.

There are many different descent options from Skørsnøse. The safest route is the one you went up.

If in doubt consult Intersport Filefjell or Tyin Active to get a detailed report on the conditions. Remember that you are responsible for choosing a safe route to the top and down again. Consider conditions and weather carefully before you embark to the mountaintop.

Getting there: Parks near Tyinkrysset, either on Fv 53 or E16 at Grihamarstølen (approximately 1 km west of the E-16 from Tyinkrysset).

Booking: Tyin Aktiv offers guided tours to the top, / 46 665 665. They also rent out mountain skis.

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