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Skørsnøse Skiing

Ski touring at its very best

  • Omgivelsene kan en ikke klage på. Sulefjellet i horisonten bak alpinisten.

    Omgivelsene kan en ikke klage på. Sulefjellet i horisonten bak alpinisten. Photo: Ida Ask

  • Sola spiller på tindene mellom Falketind og Uranostind.

    Sola spiller på tindene mellom Falketind og Uranostind. Photo: Ida Ask

  • Variert nedfart fra Skørsnøse.

    Variert nedfart fra Skørsnøse. Photo: Ida Ask

  • Fin oppmarsj.

    Fin oppmarsj. Photo: Ida Ask

  • Fjellet er storslått.

    Fjellet er storslått. Photo: Ida Ask

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: November-April
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 5.4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 520 meters
  • Duration: 2-4 hours

About Skørsnøse

An accessible mountain near Tyin and perfect for ski touring. Well-known for a quick ascent and great snow, it is one of the most popular peaks by local residents.

Getting there

The best starting point for the adventure to Skørsnøse is found near Tyinkrysset, either on county road 53 or along road E16 at Grihamarstølen (approximately 1 kilometer west from Tyinkrysset).


Filefjell is located in the middle of southern Norway, easily accessible from either Bergen or Oslo. The mountain roads Sognefjellsvegen and Valdresflye are perfect entry points to Filefjell. The roads are closed from November to April due to snow. Road E16 over Filefjell is another alternative, being open all year round. Check the National Tourist Routes in Norway to ensure the roads are open, especially if there are harsh conditions.


From either Bergen or Lillehammer, take the Øst-Vestekspressen bus. The journey to Tyin-Krysset takes about 4 hours from both Bergen and Lillehammer and departs once a day. Book your ticket for the bus here


There is no train leading directly to Filefjell, but you can take the Dovrebanen line from Oslo to Otta. From Otta you can rent a car with Hertz. Nabobil is always an option for getting around in Norway as well, if you have a Scandinavian drivers licence. Be sure to add the discount code “outtt” to save NOK 250,- on your rental.

Trail description

The most popular route takes you past the steepest sections at the beginning of the climb, along the northeast side of the mountain. After a kilometer, you will turn southeast and continue to the peak. Follow the GPS track for the recommended route.  

There are many different options for you descent from Skørsnøse. The safest route is the one you went up.


  • If in doubt, consult Intersport Filefjell (+47 61 367 346) or Tyin Aktiv (+47 46 665 665) to get a detailed report on the snow and mountain conditions
  • Remember that you are responsible for choosing a safe route to the top and down again. 


  • Tyin Aktiv offers guided tours to the top, post@tyinaktiv.no / 46 665 665. They also rent out mountain skis.


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