Rallarvegen Cycling

Ride Norway’s most beautiful bike route from the mountains to the fjords

Essential info

  • Destination: Sognefjord
  • Season: June-September
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 52.4 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 560 meters
  • Duration: 6-7 hours

About Rallarvegen

The Rallarvegen bike route brings you from the rocky and bare mountains in Finse, to the lush landscapes by the fjord in Flåm in just under 6 hours. This route is not only a spectacular bike ride but also a journey through history. The Rallarvegen starting point is technically in Haugastøl, but the most popular route is this shorter version from Finse to Flåm.

It’s important to pay attention to the weather report, as you will be traveling from the high mountains to sea level. It may be well below 10°C in Finse, but by the time you reach Flåm the temperature can be 22°C. The biking season of this route varies every year and is dependent on the snow levels around Finse.

Rallarvegen is an old transport road designed to support the construction of the “Bergensbanen” railway. In 1894, the Norwegian Parliament decided that a railway connection between Bergen and Oslo was required, and chose the mountain range that split southern Norway in two as the crossing point.

See How to Cycle the Rallarvegen Bike Route for a complete guide to tackling Rallarvegen.

Getting there

There is no road to Finse, so the best way to arrive is by train. Of course you can always cycle from Haugastøl if you’re determined to complete the full route.

Finse is located on the renowned Bergensbanen railway which runs between Oslo and Bergen.

If you’re coming from Flåm, you can take the historic Flåm railway to Myrdal and start your adventure there, or transfer to the Bergensbanen railway and begin from Finse.

Trail description

The trip begins at Finse train station, but other starting points in between include Hallingskeid and Myrdal. At first, the trail is flat with some ups and downs. On the way to Hallingskeid, you will pass Fagernut, the highest peak on the route at 1,343 meters above sea level. It is a great place to take a break, before continuing to Lake Klevavatnet. The trail begins to get rocky and a bit steep here, so take extra care.

From Lake Klevavatnet, you can cruise downhill for a while as you pass scenic waterfalls and valleys. The trail can be very narrow here, so be prepared to get off your bike and walk along the road. Continuing on your way to the Vatnahalsen Hotel, you will pass by Seltuft, another good rest stop.

From Vatnahalsen Hotel is where the real fun begins, as you will start descending from over 800 meters above sea level down towards the fjord. There are 21 sharp bends down to Kårdal, which is the highest farm in Flåmsdalen. Make sure you keep your hands on your brakes.

From here you will follow Flåmselvi River all the way down to Flåm while passing beautiful waterfalls, caves, and landscape. Once you reach the asphalt road, all you need to do is cruise in to Flåm.


  • You can rent bikes in Finse and Myrdal that you can leave in Flåm.
  • If you bring your own bike, you should also pack an extra inner tube, patch kit, and tools so you’ll be able to make repairs in case of a flat tire.


  • Water is available from larger streams along the route or at stores
  • Food can usually be brought along the route, but make sure to pack a little extra just in case. Stop for a snack at Navvie’s Café or Seltuft Café.
  • Toilets are available
  • Camping is allowed along the route
  • Mobile phone coverage is unreliable and poor with an occasional signal through the Telenor network

Where to stay

There are a range of accommodation options in Aurland and Flåm for all budgets. On the pier in Flåm you’ll find Flåmsbrygga Hotel and their sister establishment, the Ægir brewpub. The historic Fretheim Hotel offers luxurious comfort for those looking to pamper themselves after a long day.

Flåm Camping offers campground, hostel rooms, and cabins. If camping is your game, you can also pitch a tent along the bike route. Just make sure you are following the regulations set by Right to Roam.


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