Hivjufossen Hiking

  • Photo: Emile Holba

  • Photo: Emile Holba

Essential info

  • January – December
  • Medium
  • 1.6 kilometers
  • 310 meters
  • 2 – 3 hours

About Hivjufossen

The Hivjufossen waterfall is a great sight. The entire waterfall is a total of 250 meters high, in two stages. The Hivjuåne river starts in Storekvelvi in Hallingskarvet. Several smaller rivers and creeks adheres, and in Hivjudalen valley, Hivjuåne run together with the river from lake Halletjønn.
There is a trail from FV50 up to the top of Hivjufossen waterfall, at the east side of the river. Make sure you follow the trail and do not come too close to the waterfalls! Please, be aware that you should not go down to the water above the waterfall, as it can be slippery, and dangerous to fall out in the water.