Rødshue gammel Cultural Heritage

  • Rødshue skultpturpark.

    Rødshue skultpturpark. Photo: Terje Fjellvang

  • Skrapstein fra steinhuggervirksomheten fra begynnelsen på 1900-tallet

    Skrapstein fra steinhuggervirksomheten fra begynnelsen på 1900-tallet

Essential info

About Rødshue gammel

From the start of the last century there were significant withdrawals and export of stone from this area. Today, there are extensive traces of this industry, which provided work to hundreds of men in the glory days up until World War I. On the southwestern ridge a stone cross was erected in 1995 commemorating the Christianization of Norway. Hvaler Art Association, in cooperation with Hvaler Rotary, established "Stone Art Hvaler" in the early 2000s in the middle of the old stone industrial area.  The coastal path runs through this important cultural heritage site.


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