Homlungen Lighthouse Accommodation

  • Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Bedroom

    Bedroom Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Ameneties

    Ameneties Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • The view

    The view Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

  • Photo: Oslofjordens Friluftsråd

Essential info

  • Destination: Ytre Hvaler
  • Season: April-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 2.3 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 30 meters
  • Duration: 1-1.5 hours

About Homlungen Lighthouse

Holmungen lighthouse is beautifully situated on a small island, 30 meters off of the bigger island of Kirkøy in Hvaler. The lighthouse was built in 1867 and has since been converted into an overnight accommodation. The house is fully equipped with water, electricity, kitchen amenities and room for 12 people to sleep. The old “hen house” has been converted into a bathroom with a toilet and shower. In 2018, a new accommodation will be available for rent with room for 4 people.

The Holmen Lighthouse is located inside of the Ytre Hvaler National Park.

Getting there

If you are arriving by car, you can pay to park in Skjærhalden by the Town Hall. Start the walk to Homlungen lighthouse from the National Park Center at Skjærhalden and head southeast along the blue-marked coastal walking to the well-known Homlungen Lighthouse. Two row-boats marked with Kystleden are located on the mainland side (Kirkøy) and are used for the 30-meter transport across the strait to the small island where the lighthouse is situated.

Trail description

Right in front of Holmungen Lighthouse, on Kirkøy, the coastal path runs between Skjærhalden and Lille Rødshue. Along the trail, there are the popular swimming beaches, Storesand and Ørekroken. The coastal area is located in Ytre Hvaler National Park, and on the national park website, you can read more about what kinds of plants and animals you can find.


Homlungen Lighthouse can be rented between April 7th and October 31st.


  • There is water and electricity in the Lighthouse
  • Closest grocery is in Skjærhalden
  • The lighthouse has 12 beds, kitchen amenities, toilet, and shower
  • Two row-boats

Where to stay

Book the Homlungen Lighthouse with Oslofjordens Friluftsråd.


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