Herføl Paddling

Loop around Herføl on the Hvaler Islands

  • Fin struktur i genis.

    Fin struktur i genis. Photo: Terje Fjellvang

  • Herføl - Snøtten.

    Herføl - Snøtten. Photo: Aase Richter

  • Storesand

    Storesand Photo: Aase Richter

  • Hvalertuftene på Ekholmen

    Hvalertuftene på Ekholmen Photo: Aase Richter

  • Herføl - Røsset

    Herføl - Røsset Photo: Aase Richter

Essential info

  • Destination: Ytre Hvaler
  • Season: April-November
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 13.7 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 40 meters
  • Duration: 4-5 hours

About Herføl

In between the islands Holmer and Skjær. Narrow straights and cultural heritage - this adventure has everything.

The kayak adventure takes you through the eastern parts of Ytre Hvaler National Park, around Herføl Island. There are some stretches that may be exposed to rough sea but otherwise, the adventure is quite sheltered.

Getting there

The adventure starts right by Skjærhalden on the Hvaler Islands. If you have a car you can drive to the very end of the road on Hvaler and park in Skjærhalden. Only paid parking is available and during the busy summer months, it can be hard to find a spot. The parking spot at the Town Hall is your best bet.

You can also get to Skjærhalden by bus from Oslo. Read more about the directions for getting there on the Ytre Hvaler destination page

Trail description

From Storesand go south around Sjursholmen and then continue towards Homlungen lighthouse. Continue southeastwards across the Skjærhalden fjord towards Herføl. Be aware of the many boats in this area. 

Go around Herføl and make sure to go through the many small islands on the south end of the island. Continue back to Storesand when you reach the west end of the island. 

Where to stay

Accommodation can be found in Skjærhalden and you can choose between Hvaler Resort or Storesand Teltplass.


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