Grøtsætra-Skaret Cross-Country Skiing

  • Photo: Margrete Blokhus

  • Photo: Margrete Blokhus

  • Photo: Margrete Blokhus

Essential Info

  • Destination Oppdal
  • Season January–March
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 3.8 kilometers
  • Elevation 150 meters
  • Duration 0.5–1 hours

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About Grøtsætra-Skaret

The journey between Grøtsætra and Skaret is a suitable ski trip for young children.

Grøtsætra and the Skaret parking lot is the starting point for a variety of ski tracks in Oppdal. This particular one goes between the two popular spots and is suitable for those who don’t wish to go too far or on particularly steep terrain.

Begin at Grøtsætra. Follow the signs toward Skarvatnet. The trails have a gradual and even incline toward Skaret. When you reach the crossing marked Lundalen-Nerskogen-Skaret parking lot. Follow the signs to the Skaret parking lot, which is about 500 meters away until you’re back where you started.

During Easter there is a small coffee shop open an open where you can enjoy your packed lunch inside or out in the sun. There is also serving of coffee and baked goods.

The trip returns the same way you came. It’s a lot of fun for young children to follow the gentle downhill paths down to Grøtsætra again.

If you end up feeling like that wasn’t enough, you can find a sledding hill, more snack huts at Grøtsætra and more cross-country ski trails around the area.

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Grøtsætra-Skaret Map