Halsbekkhøa, Oppdal Skiing

  • Photo: Oddveig Torve

  • Photo: Oddveig Torve

  • Photo: Oddveig Torve

Essential info

  • Destination Oppdal
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Difficult
  • Distance 2.9 kilometers
  • Elevation 770 meters
  • Duration 3–3.5 hours

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About Halsbekkhøa, Oppdal

Halsbekkhøa has some awesome, high quality ski touring. Be aware of potential avalanche dangers and evaluate the trip based on the snow and weather conditions.

The trip starts at the parking lot of Storli, follow the visible ski tracks east up until Halsen, the section between Storlidalen and Gjevilvassdalen. Continue north up to Halsbekken, after that turn northwest into Halsbekkdalen. The terrain is easily managable as you reach Halsbekktjønna.

Continue going a bit west until you’ve gotten to the northwest side of the Halsbekkhøa mountain. The area is susceptible to avalanches, therefore proceed cautiously and judge whether it is safe or not. The backside is usually safe. From the top you’ll have a great view toward Snota, Neådalsnota and Sunndalsfjella.

Return the same way as you came.

Estimated trip duration is one way.

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Halsbekkhøa, Oppdal map