Våttåhaugan, Oppdal

Skiing 1 - 1.5 h 3.4 km

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Våttåhaugen is a popular summit in Oppdal for exercise and it’s just as good for the super active as for families with kids. The hike, which is close to the town center, is to a peak in the hiking area Kåsen. During winter are no ski tracks to Våttåhaugen.

The trip starts at the parking lot by Industrivegen. Follow the summer trails marked in blue.

At the top you have a view over all of central Oppdal and west towards Trollheimen.

An alternative route is to go along the snowmobile track along Orkelsjøvegen, and after about 1 km turn onto the road towards Våttåhaugan.

Estimated trip duration is one way.

Oddveig Torve
Oddveig Torve

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