Fagerdalshøe på ski

Skiing 3 - 5 h 6.1 km

Synshorn and Fagerdalshøe are wonderful destinations both in summer and winter. And very easily accessible from the eastern end of Bygdin. If you park your car at Bygdin you have a rich diversity of fine winter trips in the immediate area. We would recommend a tour with skins and mountain equipment around Synshorn. The tour starts with an immediate rise in the direction Synshorn. Be aware and choose the route where the terrain is at its most gentle. The climb up towards Synshorn is well attended and you can often follow other ski tracks heading towards the top. When you reach the top back and look towards Valdresflya you have the choice of going down the same way you came, or continue in the direction of Fagerdalshøe. We recommend the latter. Stay on top of the ridge all the way towards the next peak. Here you can really enjoy the view of some of Jotunheimen's best peaks. From the top of Fagerdalshøe you can either drive back the same way you came, or head down along the ridge which continues westward. This is a somewhat steeper descent that requires skills in accordance with the marking. This route is marked as demanding. Remember to take all precautions and be careful.

When you are down at Fagerdalstjernet you can again put on the skins and follow the ridge of Mefjellet to the top. From here the final descent of the day awaits you down towards Bygdin. A fantastic trip which is well suited for late winter and spring.

Erlend Eggen
Erlend Eggen
Erlend Eggen
Erlend Eggen

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