Storbekkøya Museumsseter in Budal Cultural Heritage

Accessible cultural trail from Storbekkøya Museumsseter

  • Idylliske Storbekkøya museumsseter er et fint turmål

    Idylliske Storbekkøya museumsseter er et fint turmål Photo: Museumssetra

  • Koking av brunost

    Koking av brunost Photo: Museumssetra

  • Trivelig sitteplass innendørs

    Trivelig sitteplass innendørs Photo: Museumssetra

  • Aktiviteter for barn

    Aktiviteter for barn Photo: Museumssetra

  • Oppsetning av friluftsspelet "12 Lod Sølv"

    Oppsetning av friluftsspelet "12 Lod Sølv" Photo: Museumssetra

Essential info

About Storbekkøya Museumsseter in Budal

Storbekkøya Museumsseter is the gateway to the Budalen Protected Area and Forollhogna National Park. 

The starting point of this 3 km long easily accessible cultural trail is Storbekkøya Museumsseter. The museum itself has many events throughout the summer such as iron burning and smithing. For many years it has served as a natural meeting place for history and outdoor enthusiasts and is a good starting point for those who want to learn more about the farming culture and the history of the area.

Getting there

Storbekkøya Museumseter is located in Synnerdalen, about 14 km on Road 622 from the village center Enodd in Budalen. There is a small toll that needs to be paid to access Synnerdalsveien, the road to the starting point. 

The parking lot is on the side of the road. From there you can walk across the Bua river to access to access the museum and cultural trail.

You may also like to park your car in the heart of Budalen, and ride your bike through the beautiful countryside to Storbekkøya. 

Trail description

The trail is child-friendly and idyllic. While exploring the trail, you will find a 2,000-year-old ironworks and coal plant. More than 400 hunting traps can also be seen. 

There are several nice hiking destinations in the valley. You can also cycle further from Storbekkøya to access great swimming lakes and Hognaasten, the heart of the valley. 


  • Bring cash for the toll road 


  • Public parking
  • On weekends in the summer, coffee, seating, and dinner are served at the museum.
  • Fishing spots 

Where to stay

  • Pitch a tent, just make sure you follow the rules of Right to Roam
  • Charming cabin located in the Endal, which is a great base for trips in Buda. Book through
  • for accommodation in Budalen


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