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Brudesløret Hiking Trail

Visit Brudesløret waterfall at the edge of Rondane NP

Essential info

  • Destination: Rondane
  • Season: June-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 8.5 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 190 meters
  • Duration: 3-4 hours

About Brudesløret

The river Ula runs from Rondvatnet inside Rondane National Park and southwards down to Otta and the Gudbrandsdal valley. On the way, it plummets down some great waterfalls like Ulafossen and Brudesløret. 

Brudesløret is particularly beautiful, not because the waterfall is very large, but because as a backdrop to the waterfall you have the Rondane mountains. 

You can also access Brudesløret from Spranget parking lot which is situated right at the edge of Rondane National Park. Follow the river down from the parking lot. This make a shorter hike of only 2-3 km round trip. 

Getting there

If you have a car you can drive from Otta and up to Mysusæter. When you get close to Mysusæter, you will find Rondane Hotel on your right-hand side. You can ask if it is ok to park your car there or continue for about 500 more meters and park your car behind Musysæter Servicesenter.

Take the train to Otta and the bus from Otta to Mysusæter. Usually, there is one bus in the morning and one in the afternoon. Check out the timetables at Opplandstrafikk.no or call them(+47 61 28 90 00) if it is hard to find the correct departure times. 

Trail description

From Mysusæter Servicesenter you can choose to hike along the Ulafossen waterfall or head up the road to the top of the waterfall. The most interesting hike is certainly to hike along the waterfall.

Start hiking along the main road towards Otta. After about 300-400 meter you will find a sign for Ulafossen by a small gravel road on your right-hand side. Follow this trail all the way up to the top of the waterfall where you get to another gravel road leading from Mysusæter and upwards to some cabins.

Cross the bridge over the Ula river and immediately after the bridge start following the trail on your right-hand side. Follow this trail along the river for about 1 km and then take the trail to the right that will lead you to a bridge that crosses the river again. 

After the bridge continue this trail for about 2 km along the river before you see Brudesløret on your left-hand side. 

Alternative route
From Mysusæter Servicesenter you can choose to head up the gravel road towards the national park. After some initial climbing, the road levels off. Continue straight ahead when you reach the toll both going into the national park on your right-hand side. About 1km after the toll booth you will see the bridge crossing the Ula river. 

Where to stay

Rondane Hotel is the best and nearest accommodation for this adventure. 


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