Steinbua på Surtningssue Hiking

  • Photo: lånt

  • Photo: Dag Nordsveen

Essential info

  • Destination Jotunheimen
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Difficult
  • Distance 19.8 kilometers
  • Elevation 1,490 meters
  • Duration 8–10 hours

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About Steinbua på Surtningssue

Surtningssue is one of the ten highest peaks in Norway and a major hiking destination for many hikers. At the top you have wonderful and varied panoramic views. There are several routes up and you can make this a round trip.

From Memurubu follow the path towards Besseggen for about 1 km before turning west and follow the ridge towards Raudhamran. Steinbua lies 2230 meters above sea level on the trail about 1 km before the main peak of Surtningssue. Steinbua provides shelter from the wind and is a nice place for your packed lunch. Return via Memurudalen is a nice round trip.

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Steinbua på Surtningssue map