Heilhornet Hiking Trail

Hike to the top of Southern Helgeland’s highest mountain

Essential info

  • Destination: Helgeland
  • Season: May-October
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 10.4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 990 meters
  • Duration: 5-7 hours

About Heilhornet

Reaching 1,058 meters above sea level, Heilhornet Mountain is a great adventure for experienced hikers. Having balanced your way up the ridge, you’re awarded a view over the surrounding mountains and the many arms of fjords that zig-zag the area.

For centuries, Heilhornet has been an important seamark. Coming in from the shipping lane in the west, it looks like a sharp-edged cone or a horn. The name probably derives from the old Norse word “heill,” meaning luck or good omen and can be tied to the mountain’s significance as a seamark.

This trail is demanding for children. Bring your dog only if it’s an experienced climber. Towards the peak, there are some steep and exposed sections, which can be challenging for people with a fear of heights.

The final part of the trail can be covered in snow even in summer. Watch your step in these parts since you can easily step through the snow and lose your footing. This means that you may have to take little detours, but be sure to keep as close to the trail and markings as possible.

Getting there

Stop at the rest stop by Hornelva River along Road 17. There are road signs pointing to the parking lot. The rest stop is located about 100 meters south of Lysfjordvatnet Lake.

Hornelva River runs under the road about 10-15 meters north of the parking lot. Walk up the road and over the river. The trailhead is on the right-hand side, leading to the left of the river along a wooded hillside.

Trail description

The trail is well marked all the way to the top and easy to follow. Follow the trail up along Hornelva River for about 1 kilometer.

As you pass the treeline, the trail flattens out a little. Pass some small marshlands before reaching a tiny lake. This is a perfect spot to have a rest. In summer, it’s also a great spot to have a swim on your return trip.

Turn south-eastwards from the lake towards Hornfjellet. The trail extends about 2 kilometers south-eastwards on the Hornfjellet plateau until you reach the southeast side of Heilhornet. The trail becomes steeper as it leads up to the eastern side of the ridge.

Follow the ridge westwards a few hundred meters to reach the peak. The ridge is steep on both sides, so tread carefully. This part can be a challenge for people with a fear of heights. A narrow pass is fitted with a chain to help you climb up and down.

Once at the top, the view of the surrounding mountains and fjords is unbeatable. Descend along the same trail.


  • Water is available from the lake and river along the trail


  • Free parking at Hornelva River

Where to stay

Bogen Feriehus is a 15-minute drive away from the Hornelva river rest stop. They offer cabin rental and apartment accommodation.


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