Skiing 3 - 4 h 4.2 km

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Gråkampen offers 750 meters varied and nice descent when the conditions are good. The road is plowed into Buaråne's outlet into Svenskefjorden. From here it is about 5 km fairly straight and easy march to the summit cairn on Gråkampen, 1595 meters above sea level. Gråkampen is the last of part of Joutndekket eastward , these hard rocks forming Jotunheimen. There is therefore a considerable height difference between Gråkampen and the terrain to the east. You feel this physically when you stand at the summit cairn ready to head back down. Everything is so small down there and you are eager to race. Even Rundemellen looks small.

Getting there: Follow E16 from Fagernes westward to Ulnes church, where you turn to Vaset. Drive through Vaset and towards Nøsen høyfjellshotell. 18,4 km from Ulnes is an intersection, where you turn northwest along Svenskefjorden until Buaråne, where there is plowed parking. Here it is 22.7 kilometers from Ulnes.

Dag Nordsveen
Dag Nordsveen
Dag Nordsveen
Henning Wangsnes

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