42 KM Fjellmaraton, Oppdal Running

  • Photo: Andreas Welander

  • Photo: Andreas Welander

  • Photo: Margrete Blokhus

  • Photo: Andreas Welander

Essential Info

  • Destination Oppdal
  • Season June–November
  • Difficulty Demanding
  • Distance 42.4 kilometers
  • Elevation 2,020 meters
  • Duration 3.5–7 hours

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About 42 KM Fjellmaraton, Oppdal

Test your endurance on the trail of the Trollheimen Fjellmaraton (Mountain Marathon). A fantastic trail of 42 km – with a starting point at Gjevilvasshytta and ending in the Oppdal town centre.

It begins at Gjevilvasshytta where the first stretch goes toward Gjørdøldalen. After 6 km it swings east, and up towards Høghøa and Grønhøa. From Grønhøa it turns south, and down the path toward Svahøvegen. Here you’ll cross the road before heading toward Nonshøa. Follow the marked path on the backside of NonShøa. When you’ve arrived the mountainside and can see over toward Skardalen, follow the path down toward Høgste Skaret. In other words, you are not supposed to go all the way to the top of Nonshøa!

Nerskogsvegen leads you south toward Remma. At the parking place on the left side you’ll turn right off the path and follow the trail up next to Rembekken toward Remmasætra. You are now crossing private property, so please act accordingly.

You are now done with 20 km. The half marathon starts at Remmasætra. You can therefore also begin here if the entire marathon is too much. You’ll in that case need to be driven into Remma, since there are no public parking places here.

The trip continues up toward Storgruvpiken, Kinna and Stensesbruna. The terrain is easy to handle, alternating between a normal path and grass-covered rock terrain. From Kinna you’ll follow the path all the way down to Vekveselva.

Pay attention to the markings for crossing at Vekveselva. You’ll now face the very last uphill section – Dynafitbakken. It challenges you with 150 metres in elevation up toward the peak of Vålåstadhåmmåren.

From here there is an easy path toward Ørsnipen and Vangslia. The trail is followed down to the checkpoint in Vangslia. Proceed east toward the river Skjørdøla. Cross this, continue 50 meters up the hill before heading south again toward Stenan, which follows a marked path.

The last stretch goes from the walking and bike path from Stenan to Oppdal town centre.

Have a nice trip!

42 KM Fjellmaraton, Oppdal Map