Gamle Kvam gard Cultural Heritage

  • Gamle tunet i Kvam

    Gamle tunet i Kvam Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential info

  • Destination: Kongevegen
  • Season: April–November

About Gamle Kvam gard

Historic Kvam Farm

Are you ready for an experience off the beaten track? Take a step back in time at the historic Kvam farm. Today the farm operates as a museum – but that doesn’t mean you won’t come across plenty of livestock!

The farm is made up of 9 buildings dating from around 1780 to 1860. Included among the buildings are the old dwellings, a farmhouse, stables and a traditional Norwegian food storage called a ‘stabbur’. There is a long family tradition on the farm and is still run by family members Kirsten and Jørgen Kvam today.
Several generations of the Kvam family were the local sheriffs along side running the farm for over 50 years. The Kvam farm also held the local courthouse, which can be seen today on the first floor of the farmhouse.

In addition to experiencing the rich history of the farm, you can also purchase tea, coffee and Norwegian waffles. Book ahead to try traditional Norwegian porridge ‘rømmegrøt’ and cured meats.

Hours of Operation:
The farm is open for public guided tours and food and beverage from early June until the end of August.
Hours: 12 p.m.– 6 p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday* & Sunday*
(Saturday & Sunday ONLY in July)

The farm is open for small or large groups that book ahead 7 days a week from May until September.
We welcome private groups, companies or teams for meetings or other events in a unique environment!

Contact Information:
Kirsten and Jørgen Kvam
Telephone: +47 613 67 167 or +47 959 29 974
Facebook: Gamle Kvam

The farm is located 5 km east of Vang i Valdres along the E16. Follow the signs to “Kvam Gard”.
If you’re coming from Fagernes, the farm is 50 km west along the E16 towards Lærdal/Bergen. Follow the signs to Kvam Gard once you reach Bjødndalen.

Hiking Routes around Kvam Farm:

1. Kongevegen (Old King’s Road) – Neset-Kvam-Søndrol. A dramatic and stunning section of Kongevegen that meanders through the valley. This route was first built in the 1800s and was in use until the 1860s when the road followed alongside the fjord. The Kvam Farm is accessible via the Kongevegen trail coming from either Søndrol or from Neset.

2. Kvam to Hugstølen. This is a steep trail that is still used by farmers taking their herds up to the pastures. You can start either on Kongevegen (D1) or at Kvam. The trail is marked along the way. From Høgde, you can choose to either hike up to Hugakøllen Mountain (1134 meters) or start heading down directly to Hugastølen. From Hugastølen you can choose any of the various routes:

a.    Hugastølen-Øylo (D4) is a nice trail but with a steep incline down to the Øylo Guesthouse along the E16.
b.    Follow the river Ala to Langehage. It’s a beautiful walk along the river up to Langehage (Nørre Syndin).


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