Liastølen Mountain Farm

  • Liastølen

    Liastølen Photo: Solveig Sandberg

  • Innvendig i selet

    Innvendig i selet Photo: Solveig Sandberg

  • Liastølen

    Liastølen Photo: Solveig Sandberg

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: June–November

About Liastølen

Liastølen in the center of Beitostølen, next to the gas station, reminds us of the origin of the Beitostøl name. Until the 1960s it was here that Beito-farms took their cows, sheep and goats on summer pastures.

Before there were many summer farms on Beitostølen. Today Liastølen is left as hamlet (støl) museum and offers experiences in a distinctive environment. When you step into the old house, you enter another world. The walls that form the intimate room, consist of 200 year old pine logs that have had good conditions for growth in Beitostølen. Between the small barn and the old barn the garden is situated with about 100 different plants. The original flora of this mountain farm area was rich and received input of new species by people bringing and planting them  around the farms. In addition birds and animals contributed with the spread of seeds. On Liastølen we have managed to take care of the plants that were originally here. In addition, we planted a portion of wild ones. Even on 900meters above sealevel both clematis and peonies flourish. Every Saturday and Sunday during the summer months, we focus on various aspects of the local culture. People from these communities want to cover the themes: Building Design in Valdres, place names on Beitostølen, the old Valdres national costume, folk music and several different handcrafts. You will find our activity calendar on


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Cycling 57.7 km · 5 – 8 hr

Øyangen rundt (Øystre slidre)


Cycling 32.5 km · 3 – 4 hr

Beitostølen to Vaset


Cycling 65.3 km · 6 – 8 hr

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