Kyrkjevegen Fodnes - Hilme Hiking Trail

  • Over i nabobygda Ulnes med Vaset på andre siden av dalen

    Over i nabobygda Ulnes med Vaset på andre siden av dalen Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Fra Bergo i Fodnes ser vi ned til Strand kirke

    Fra Bergo i Fodnes ser vi ned til Strand kirke Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Kyrkjevegen snor seg fram mellom storgran

    Kyrkjevegen snor seg fram mellom storgran Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Kyrkjevegen går som en fure gjennom landskapet

    Kyrkjevegen går som en fure gjennom landskapet Photo: Dag Nordsveen

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 1.4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 80 meters
  • Duration: 0.5-1 hours

About Kyrkjevegen Fodnes - Hilme

Fodnesbygda parish belonged to the church on Svenes in ancient times. The church road (Kirkevegen) from Fodnes to Hilmeshaugen, first farm in Ulnes, is still a good walking trail, here described in the opposite direction. Trip description In first turn on the road above Hilmeshaugen, take the tractor road that goes off to the right. First along an old wire fence on your right, across a stream and up steeply, then flat ahead past a distinct milestone. In the forest you will find formerly cultivated land from the croft Kruk with the house foundation on the left and a stone wall on the right. Now it's trail, up and down, but mostly flat over the hillside. The trail is clearly built up as a road in the magical forest. As you walk here through the woods, the thoughts go to the people who drove church here, perhaps with a coffin on the bandwagon. Some windfall. Keep the height on the hillside. Glimpses of the view overlooking Strondafjorden. Finally through an old gate to cultivated land on Fodnesbergo. Kirkevegen proceeds across the field. If you want a round trip, you can turn left up to the deserted farm Bergo, the northernmost farm on Fodnes. There you can go out on the road and follow this back if you do not prefer church road on the rebound. Access: E16 from Fagernes and westward to Ulnes, about 10 km. Take off to Fodnes and Fv 265. After about 3 km you pass the farm Hilmeshaugen. You can park at the roadside. Alternatively 150 m further up the road and 30 m along the tractor road at trailstart.


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