Kanotur i Røssjøen Hiking

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential Info

  • Destination Langsua
  • Season April–November
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 9 kilometers
  • Elevation 0 meters
  • Duration 6 hours

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About Kanotur i Røssjøen

Røssjøen nature reserve is easy accessible from Lenningen, Tronhus, Slaveriet or Rotvollstølen. Follow the trail on the map. From 20 June you can freely use the canoe on the great lakes. Bring waterproof footwear and binoculars! Remember you are a guest in a natural area where attention to vulnerable wildlife is required.

The suggested route on the map will take you through Røssjøen nature reserve. A wetland with abundant bird life. We recommend high boots when walking in the wetland, or canoe on one of the many lakes.

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