Gilafjellet / Kruk Hiking Trail

  • På toppen av Gilafjellet (1582 moh).

    På toppen av Gilafjellet (1582 moh). Photo: Julia Helgesen

  • Med telelinse fra Jørungilknappen mot Kruk (1577 moh) og Gilafjellet (1582 moh).

    Med telelinse fra Jørungilknappen mot Kruk (1577 moh) og Gilafjellet (1582 moh). Photo: Morten Helgesen

  • Fra oppstigning mot Hugakollen

    Fra oppstigning mot Hugakollen Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Oppstigning til Gilatfjellet

    Oppstigning til Gilatfjellet Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Stølsbygning nede ved Helin med Gilafjellet (1582 moh) ruvende i bakgrunnen.

    Stølsbygning nede ved Helin med Gilafjellet (1582 moh) ruvende i bakgrunnen. Photo: Morten Helgesen

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: June-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 5.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 660 meters
  • Duration: 5.5-6 hours

About Gilafjellet / Kruk

Follow road E16 North from Fagernes. If you are arriving from Bergen/Tyinkrysset, take the E16 South towards Fagernes. Exit when you see the sign to “Riste bru” (Riste Bridge). Keep to the right after the bridge and follow the signs towards M. Syndin (automatic toll road, NOK 60 in 2010). Drive past Syndinstogo (tourist cabin), and continue over the bridge by Pyttingen to the area of Nørre Gile. Marked parking area to the right. It’s also possible to park down by the small beach. The Midtre Syndin Lake is a great spot for swimming, so we recommend that you bring a towel.

The route to Kruk is unmarked, apart from a few wooden signs reading “turmål” and some cairns in the summit area. It starts as a cart track and soon turns into a clear path. Along the route you may spot some rare botanical flowers, which become visible as soon as the snow has melted, normally from the middle of June to the beginning of July. (This is a Botanical Conservation Area). After having passed Nonskampen, a sign reading “turmål” points to the left, directly to the summit, but this route is very poorly marked and difficult to find. We therefore recommend continuing on the same path and through the col, from where the top is visible. Once you reach the top, sign the log book and enjoy the view! Instead of going straight to the summit of Kruk, you can also take a short detour to the viewpoint Krukknappen, 1557 m.s.l. on the other side of the massif. On the way there, you will pass by an animal burial site which is a part of a larger capture area for reindeer.
We only recommend this hike in clear weather.


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