Sæterknatten Cross-Country Skiing

  • Utsikt fra Sæterknatten.

    Utsikt fra Sæterknatten. Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Mot Surtind

    Mot Surtind Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

  • Løypekryss ved Sæterknatten.

    Løypekryss ved Sæterknatten. Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: January–March
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 15.5 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 440 meters
  • Duration: 2–2.5 hours

About Sæterknatten

Nice trip on prepared trails at roughly 16 km. The trip is mostly on bare mountains of 10-1100 meters in height and can be weathered and windy. Here the trails go in all directions. Follow the trail in the direction Surtind. Slightly hilly with a slope at the start and rolling mountain terrain towards the top. Keep left at the trail crossings under the top of Sutind (short detour to peak at 1,094 meters above sea level if you want). The trail winds through hilly mountain terrain, before there is a nice descent to Storaustjernet. In the trail crossing north of Sæterknatten you can take a detour of just about 1.5 km one way to the top (1112 meters above sea level). Great views of Aurdalsfjord towards Norefjell, Synnfjell and Jotunheimen. The return goes north, and after roughly a km, keep left towards Trevasskolla and Trevassvatna. After just about 3.5 km, keep right back towards Søbekksætra. For updated trail status, see www.skisporet.no/oppland/hedalen. Getting there: Follow E16 to Tollefsrud in Begndalen. Take off and follow the signs to Hedalen. Take right onto Fv243 towards Nesbyen. After about 6 km on the left of the toll road to Søbekksætra and drive 4 km to the large parking area.


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