Kongevegen neset - Kvam - Syndrol Hiking

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential info

  • Destination Vang
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 9.1 kilometers
  • Elevation 470 meters
  • Duration 1–1.5 hours

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About Kongevegen neset - Kvam - Syndrol

The most dramatic part of the historic road is, without a doubt, this party over Kvamskleiva (Kleiv = steep-path). It was in use until 1860, when the road along Vangsmjøsa was built. Nowadays the old road over Kvamskleiva is an interesting hike with its starting point at Neset,  just north of the old dairy / cheese factory in Vang. To drive over Kvamskleiva in the old days when it was icy, was probably a doubtful kind of fun. Many wives were scared to death when their husbands were racing each other on the way back home from the Christmas sermon in Vang.

The hike is 4.5 km in total from Neset to Søndrol in Vang Municipality. This is a nice place to walk. You walk undisturbed by traffic along a scenic parcel of land of the Bergen Kongeveg from 1808. From Neset you experience how road construction took place before the time of dynamite. Gamleveien does not follow Vangsmjøsa but rather rises steeply to get past the vertical mountain which here plunges straight into the fjord. You gain altitude quickly. Occasionally the road is built on beautifully constructed walls and on the top of the steep hill the brickwork is placed on steeply sloping mountain sides with Vangsmjøsa far below. You understand immediately that this was not a downward slope on slippery and icy ground. Well up, continue on a stretch of grassy slopes up and down towards the old sheriff's house Kvam, which is a monument in itself. It is a delight to walk here. Some days in July-August, there is food service on the farm here. After Kvam, you go up a gentle hill before the terrain falls slowly towards Søndrol where you eventually get nice views over the village Vang with farms and fields located as allotments from fjord to mountain.

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Kongevegen neset - Kvam - Syndrol map