Hiking 3.5 - 4.5 h 12 km

From Tuva toward the southwest in gently sloping terrain and then upward in the ravine between Store Grønenuten and Grasnuten. Nice view before the trail goes downward to an all-year bridge over the Heinelvi river next to the Heinseter cabin. The trail divides to Åan and Lappsteinen/Fagerheim before the bridge. A few meters downstream before the bridge there is also a trapping area for reindeer. The summer of 2011 a walkway, approximately 2 km long, was created from Tuva.
Trip description by DNT (Norwegian Tourist Association) Drammen & Surrounding Area.

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Kort tur til Tunga bru

1 - 3 h

3 km

Tuva Turisthytte


1 h

4.6 km

Halne - Krækkja - Fagerheim

3 - 4 h

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