Snøhetta Hiking Trail

Tackle the famous Dovrefjell mountain from Snøheim cabin

  • Stortoppen ruver på Dovrefjell.

    Stortoppen ruver på Dovrefjell. Photo: Martin I. Dalen

  • Snøhetta er intet mindre enn imponerende. Stortoppen til høyre i bildet.

    Snøhetta er intet mindre enn imponerende. Stortoppen til høyre i bildet. Photo: Martin I. Dalen

  • Snøheim reåpnet 2012 og har stor trafikk på sommeren.

    Snøheim reåpnet 2012 og har stor trafikk på sommeren. Photo: Martin I. Dalen

  • Snøhetta er en svært populær topptur.

    Snøhetta er en svært populær topptur. Photo: Martin I. Dalen

  • Fjell og stein - evig og tro til Dovre faller.

    Fjell og stein - evig og tro til Dovre faller. Photo: Martin I. Dalen

Essential info

  • Destination: Oppdal
  • Season: July-September
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 11.8 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 820 meters
  • Duration: 4-5 hours

About Snøhetta

Snøhetta rises to 2,286 metres above sea level, the highest point in Norway outside of Jotunheimen National Park. On a sunny day, the route to the top is a popular hike with views of the surrounding Dovrefjell mountain range and beyond.

The mountain has four peaks. This hike leads to Stortoppen which marks the mountain’s highest point. From there, the nearest peak is Midttoppen which can also be easily reached. Next are Hettpiggen and Vesttoppen, which cannot be accessed on this hike. To get to Vesttoppen, there is another trail that leads in from the south.

Getting there

This route starts and finishes at the serviced Snøheim tourist cabin. To get to Snøheim, take a shuttle bus from Hjerkinn. The bus travels five times per day in each direction and a single ticket costs NOK 70. The timetable can be found on The bus stop in Hjerkinn is a short walk from the train station and has parking available for NOK 65/day. The road the shuttle bus travels on is closed to public traffic in order to protect the wild reindeer that live in the area.

The self-service Reinheim and Åmotdalshytta tourist cabins also serve as good access points for Snøhetta.

Trail description

The route from Snøheim to Stortoppen is well marked. The combined elevation and length make the trip a bit demanding, but it is still a relatively easy trail to handle. Note that the weather can change quickly in this area, so pack accordingly with extra warm clothes, food, and water.

The trail follows an easy and enjoyable path up until the location of the old Reinheim cabin. From here, the trail becomes much rockier. Once you reach the backside of the mountain, you’ll begin the steep incline towards the top. Take breaks and enjoy the nature along the way. For the last stretch you might have to pass over snow, depending on the weather conditions and the time of year.

There is a plateau at the top, but it is very exposed, which means it could be a good idea to save your packed lunch until you’re on your way down again. Regardless, make sure to spend enough time on the top to truly enjoy the view.

Where to stay

Oppdal has a range of accommodation options available, including cabins, hotels, and Airbnbs.


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