Conquer Sokse in Jotunheimen Skiing

Bring your skis for an adventure of a lifetime with Fyrst og Fremst

  • Photo: Live Andrea Sulheim

  • Photo: Live Andrea Sulheim

  • Photo: Live Andrea Sulheim

  • Photo: Live Andrea Sulheim


Ascend the mountain Sokse together with the outdoor expert, Iver Aakre, this spring and experience the best outdoor adventure of the year. This adventure is perfect for those who are fans of ski touring and conquering spectacular summits.

Sokse looms over the Leirdalen valley, located in the middle of Jotunheimen National Park near Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge and Lake Leirvatnet, making it very easy to access. Sokse is one of the 291 peaks in Norway that are reach 2,000 masl, which makes the view from the top truly magnificent.

Essential info

  • Destination Jotunheimen National Park
  • Season February–June
  • Departures Daily at 9:00
  • Duration 7–10 hours
  • Difficulty Expert
  • Audience Suitable for children from 13 years with some mountain experience

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All ages: NOK 1800

What You’ll Do

The hike begins at Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge. We start off early in the morning as it is 7,5 km to the peak with an elevation gain of 930 metres in high mountain terrain. We will be starting with a safety “go-through”, checking that everyone is fit and ready for a big day of skiing.

Then, off we go, ready for the ascent of Sokse. Your guide, Iver, will take you over Leirbreen and to the top of Sokse from the western side of the summit.

From the top of Sokse you will have an absolutely magnificent view over Jotunheimen and Smøstabreen.

The descent from the top to Leirvassbu is incredible skiing. Follow instruction the guide you will be taken back to the lodge in safe manner.

Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge is located next to Lake Leirvatnet. It has a variety of accommodation options ranging from double rooms to dorms. It is centrally located in Jotunheimen and gives you access to a variety of exciting hikes to explore in the area. Iver Aakre, the leader of the guide company Fyrst og Fremst, is also happy to guide you to other summits in the area around Leirvassbu while you are there.

What’s Included

  • Experienced guide
  • Safety equipment for both glacier crossing and climbing

What to Bring

  • Skis and skiing equipment
  • Clothes for any kind of weather
  • Food for a full day of hiking
  • Hiking shoes
  • Camera

Meeting Point

We'll meet up at our base in Lom, at Lom Fjellsenter. Lom is situated at the foot of multiple national parks including Breheimen, Reinheimen and Jotunheimen.

All ages: NOK 1800

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