Glittertind Hiking Trail

Norway's second highest mountain: 2,465 meters above sea level

  • Glittertind er ein fin skitopp.

    Glittertind er ein fin skitopp. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

  • Photo: Jan Stokstad

  • Ruper i flukt.

    Ruper i flukt. Photo: Jan Stokstad

  • Nordsida av Glittertind med starten på Trollsteineggje.

    Nordsida av Glittertind med starten på Trollsteineggje. Photo: Dag Nordsveen

Essential info

About Glittertind

It's easy to understand why the hike up the second highest mountain in Norway is so popular. On the way up and on the peak, there are magnificent views over Jotunheimen.

Getting there

By car, drive on National Road 51 to Randsverk where you take off and drive the mountain road (gravel) toward Glitterheim. After 23 km you reach the National Park boarder and a barrier. This is where you park and walk the 7 km toward Glitterheim. 

Trail description

Glitterheim tourist lodge at the foot of the mountain is a good starting point for the hike. After a night here you will be well rested to get started. You follow the marked route northwest up to 2250 meters above sea level. Here, head west and cross Glitterbrean, which you follow to the top.

A longer option is to start by following the path west towards Spiterstulen, and then take off to the north to Ryggehøi (2142 meters above sea level). Go further northwest to Glitterrundhøe (2089 meters above sea level.), From there, go up northeast to Glittertinden. Take the normal route back down to Glitterheim. This trip takes around 9 hours. 


From the National Park boarder you have to walk for 7 km to get to Glitterheim. Glitterheim is the starting point of the hike toward Glittertind.

Where to stay

Glitterheim Tourist Lodge is a full-service DNT cabin located at the base of this incredible mountain. Read more about DNT cabins. 


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